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Precision fabrication work

With our Kaliburn Proline 2200 Hi-Definition Plasma Cutting Machine complete with a 10 meter cutting bed Topframe Engineering has the ability to provide high quality plasma cut parts up to 50mm in thickness. In addition, Topframe Engineering offers a CNC Gas cutting service with the ability to process precision parts up to 300mm in thickness.

Hi-Def CNC Plasma & Gas Profile Cutting

Hi-Def Plasma cutting service

We offer a full range of computer numerical control (CNC) capabilities, including laser cutting, gas cutting and hi-def plasma.

The large 10 meter x 2.8 meter cutting bed means no cutting job is too big, if you need High Definition quality plasma or Gas precision parts, Topframe Engineering’s Cutting services can provide the solution and has the ability to supply anywhere across the UK or Ireland.

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